R and Python interoperabilityΒΆ

All of the Nbless functions and commands work for Python and R code, with the caveat that nbexec and nbless require the kernel argument to be set to ir if R code files (.R) are included.

If you want to execute a Jupyter notebook that contains both R and Python code, you will have to put the R code in Python scripts (.py) and use the rpy2 Python library with the default kernel (python3).

Code files extracted from code cells with nbraze must all have the same extension (e.g. .py). If the language_info key is defined in the Jupyter notebook metadata, nbraze will try to infer the programming language.

You can also run the Nbless functions in an R environment using the reticulate R package.

All Nbless functions and commands rely on the nbconvert and nbformat modules that are included with the jupyter Python library. The command line interface relies on the click Python library.